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Putting a Sony CD in the 91 Fleetwood

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My Dad pretty much wrote off our Chrysler LHS on Thursday night. I am going to be removing the Sony CD from it and putting it into our 1991 Fleetwood as well as 2-10 inch subs. I have never put a aftermarket deck into our Caddy's and am wondering if it as easy as putting it into my truck or LHS. I know when we had our old 1986 Olds Toronado, a stereo shop told me that I could not put a CD player into it because it had seperate amps for each speaker in it and putting a deck into it would end up ruining the deck. Just wondering if that is the same with the Caddy. BTW It does not have the Delco/Bose system in it to my knowledge, I know our 90 has little Delco/Bose labels on the front speakers and the 91 does not. As always, thanks in advance.


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