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2000 Northstar 300HP "9" Engine

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I have a 2000 Northstar engine with poor compression due to piston ring failure.

The engine has 130K Miles.

Everything else on on the engine is in good working condition.

Parts available:

Almost New Water pump (less than 1000 miles)

Water Crossover

Water Pump Cover

Power Stearing Pump


Harmonic Balancer

Throttle Body

2 Crank Pos Sensors - Almost New (less that 1000 miles)

Cam Pos Sensor (less than 15,000 miles)

TSP Sensor

MAP Sensor

Knock Sensor

Idle Valve

EGR Valve (less than 15,000 miles)

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Rail w/ regulator

2 Air Injection baffle valves (less than 15,000 miles)

Baffle Valve control solenoid

2 Ignition Coil Cartridges (2000-2003)

Intake Manifold

2 Exhaust Manifolds

Exhaust Crossover

2 Good 300HP Roller Cam Heads

Oil Filter mount

Rebuildable Short Block (No Rod Knock)

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