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Need every bit of info please


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99 STS VIN 9 motor:

Ok guys as some of you know I am using the N* in my project. I am looking to plumb the motor today/tomorrow and need to know where everything leads from/to. The top big tube goes obviously to the top of the radiator. The bottom big tube goes to the bottom radiator tube on the radiator. NOW here is where I need the help...

1: I am looking to find out where the little tube, above the bottom radiator outlet (5/8" or 3/4") on the waterjacket, runs to.

2: Also the throttle body has an outlet - where does that go to?

3: the left and right side of the waterjacket also have a tube outlet. WHERE DO THEY ALL GO!!!

Let me know if you have any info or cooling diagrams (Chilton was no help)

Thanx a ton gents,


Milwaukee, WI

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