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Hi gang, haven't kept up with this site in a while...

My ETC finally had a few too many WOT treatments and, at 156k mi started blowing exhaust in the coolant. Have been driving my old 4.5l 1998 Sev since.

It's tax season and I started work on the Northstar....Thinking:

If I do my car work I screw the gov't in THREE ways:

a) I use the time in something else than paid work, so the gov't sees no taxes out of it.

B) Not being paid, I am a lesser consumer generating less sales, less work for society, hence gov't gets less tax money.

c) I do the work of a dealership or repair shop that would pay taxes, again less dough for the gov't

To top it off, I save money no matter what, the shop would charge me 75/hr. I'd have a hard time finding work to pay me 75/hr....

I almost feel guilty for poor gov't. ....smirk!



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