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IPC C1210 - never heard of it.


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Quick explaination, this is for a 97 deville.

I was in park looking getting gas (which is scary these days) looking at my radio when I saw the word "SWITCH" on my Message Center, something I have never seen nor thought was a word programmed into it. My wife said "You are probobly seeing things" but I know it was there.

Anyways, I gave it the 2 finger salute and got the IPC C1210 on the DIC and looked through everything but found nothing.

Does anyone have a clue on this one ?

Next is how to rectify a TCS 1241 Magnasteer issue.

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That is the code for "Brake Fluid Level Switch Open". The word you saw was SWITCH, I imagine... I would check the connections around your brake fluid resouvior for good connection, you may need a new switch or it may be a bad connection. I found that code here, Mike


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