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'99 STS - error code IPC B1983

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A couple of days ago as I was driving, I felt a pulse in the brake pedal and the Check Engine light came on. Reading out the codes, there was a PCM P0741 history, and IPC B1983 current. Clearing the codes did turn off the Check Engine light and the codes have not recurred.

The codes definitions are:

P0741 - TCC System Stuck Off

B1983 - Device Power 1 Circuit Low

What and where is device power 1? If the two codes are related I wonder if the ABS system is going to crash.

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Thanks for the links.

B1983 is definitely not good news. I had a new battery installed last summer so it shouldn't need a new one just yet. Maybe the alternator is going out. Eek, only 65K miles on the car.

P0741 isn't too encouraging either. The transmission fluid was flushed at 50K miles by the Cadillac dealer. An expensive transmission repair is the last thing I need with there being only 65K miles on a $50K car.

I'll check the codes every day and cross my fingers.

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