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I have read on other posts that some people are using ac delco dual platnum plugs. I have called several places (pep boys, o'reillys, and auto zone) and none of these places carry them. Could someone please tell me if there are dual platnum plugs and if so where to get them. I plan on giving my car a tune up this weekend and plan to use ac delco plugs and wires, so if anyone has suggestions on where to buy for least amoung of money, and what part numbers to get I would appreciate it. By the way I have a 97 STS and live in Dallas. Thanks for the help. O'reilly had the wires for $145. If that is a good price please let me know they also had platinum plugs not dual platinum for $5.99 each. Thanks again.

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My STS has 85,000 miles on it and i thought that it would run a little better with a tune up. It may not be necessary but wouldn't it run a little better and maybe be preventitive maintenence. I am getting no check engine light so if a tune up would not hurt anything shouldn't I go ahead and do it? Thanks for your help.

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The ACDelco catalog lists the 41-950 as the only plug for a '97 Seville.

According to the bottom of this page:


All 41-8xx through 41-9xx series plugs are dual platinum.

PartsAmerica (online and at stores) carries them at around $6/each


Rock Auto (www.rockauto.com) has them for around $5.50.

I couldn't find the GM P/N in any of the online dealer catalogs, but you could always head to the service desk. In my area, though, finding a GM dealer who is either open past 5:00pm or open on Saturday is pretty much impossible.

If you get the OEM number, here are two online dealers with pretty reasonable prices and online catalogs (with P/N lookup):

http://www.gmpartsdirect.com (Flow Chevrolet in NC)

http://www.partszoneonline.com/ (P and G Chevrolet in PA)

GMPartsDirect adds a pretty significant handling charge, but sometime's its still less than P and G. I haven't found anyone with prices below those two, online or locally.

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