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Fix a center cap

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I do not think re-attaching the plastic tang to back of the cap with adhesive will work. Too much vibration and tension.

Now, heating a custom metal tang with a soder-gun and melt-attaching it into the back of the cap may have some merit. As long as the wire ring is utilized.

A chinzty-temp fix (that I have done...) is to drill through the broken tang or a similar shaped flat piece of metal and bolt it to the wire ring with a thin metal clip that also clasps the wire ring. This causes the wire ring's snap-tension into the wheel center to be similar to before. The remaining (4) tangs around the wire ring can hold on.

Its more difficult to explain than to just try it and my camera is at work just now.

Or just visit Cardio-Doc's stuff on E-Bay... ;)

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Thanks for the plug TDK. If all you need is one cap and it's 6 5/8", I can set you up real cheap (under $10/delivered). E-mail me with:

- Exact diameter

- Logo (Cadillac "Wreath and Crest" or "STS")

- Finish (probably sparkle silver grey paint





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