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Saw a Silver 2005 STS last night


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First off it sticks out in a good way. I was driving home last night and I saw a vehicle couldn't make out right away behind me. I'm a car fanatic and I can usually identify every car I see on the read and the hp output (which is important if I want to play or leave it alone ;) ). I slow up alittle for the driver to pass and finally I realize it was the new STS. I must say it has alot of road presence. I noticed other drivers were staring at it also. It seemed wide and very tall. The backend did seem higher than the front though. I knew where the Northstar badge would be and saw it so I knew it was a beast. I finally got a stop light after passing a thru several green ones to get a closer look and to give the driver a thumbs up. I notice it was an older couple probably in late 40's early 50's. I honked the horn with my window down. It took them a while to look over. Maybe the jet black paint and barel legal limo tint with low bass playing intimidated them :lol: Finally the female passenger looks over and smiles slightly at me giving them the thumbs up. Then the male driver glances over and barely acknowledges me giving praise. I had to stop myself from switching hand gestures, if you know what I mean, since he gave me such an arrogant look.

I'll give props where it's due, The STS is growing on me. Pictures do little justice compared to seeing it in real life and in motion. I hope it does well. It seems that even though the STS is at "the next level" so is it's competion. With new Lexus GS series, Infiniti M35/45, Bmw 5 series, and Mercedes E class, there still seems to be a mountain to climb to be at the top.



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Very sweet looking ride! I have to admit that I didn't like the new Caddy styling at first either, but it is growing on me as well. I think one the biggest deciding factors for me is how well these new cars handle and accelerate while maintaining the spirit of Cadillac.



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