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Fuel Filter???

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I have done mine twice in 65K miles, so I'd say maybe once every 30K or so? The cost is minimal. In my 99 Deville, it's down just in front of the gas tank on the drivers side. Last time, J/Lube changed it for me. Cost about 15 bucks, probably.

Mileage improvement will be negligible. Unless fuel filter technology has changed considerably since last time I looked at one closely (1973 Chrysler Newport with the 318), the filter is there to stop the random sludge and/or impurity from getting to your sensative injectors. Depending on how grungy your gas is, it may last for 100K miles before the filter material gets gloopy enough to change. Or, if you regularly fill up at Pedro's Pemex y Haciendos de Pancakes, it may require changing monthly... :)

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