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I bought em - finally


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So I didn't end up going with Cardio-Doc.. But I finally bought some rims.. I was inspired by Flyer's 17' CTS wheels -so, I purchased some 16s. one of these days, I will get around to taking pics. Thanks for everyones help.


There they are -


tell me what ya think

and soo cheap!


93 Cad Seville 100K

95 Chev Blazer 143K [garaged summers] :)

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WHat a deal... I wish I could've gotten mine at that price..


'99 'Vert 'Vette 45k

'97 SLS 55k

Deceased: <'68 Mustang 200+k>, <'86 GMC S-10 180+k>, <'86 VW GTI 180+k>, <'86 Seville 195+k>, <'93 Seville 175+k>

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