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rear brake update & E. brake question

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hey guys, thanks for all the responses on my rear brake question...turns out i destroyed the driver side caliper by forcing it in with a c-clamp, oh well, live & learn...OK, one more question, all the brakes are now new, (as well as 1 rear caliper), and my brakes feel low, and when i apply my e brake, it pretty much goes all the way to the floor, there is some resistance though...my question is, could the low pedal be because i need to adjust the e brake, and if it is, how do i do that?? all i have is a crappy chiltons manual that tells me nothing(i'm ready to throw it into the fireplace!!) any responses are appreciated... thanks, bob

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This may help.


Adjustment of parking brake cable is necessary whenever the rear brake cables have been disconnected. A need for parking brake cable adjustment is indicated if the hydraulic brake system operates with good reserve, but a firm parking brake pedal feel cannot be achieved with less than one full stroke of the parking brake pedal.

Cycle brake system.

1.1. Apply the service brake with a pedal force of approximately 660 N (150 lb) and release.

1.2. Fully apply the parking brake using approximately 550 N (125 lb) pedal force and release.

1.3. Apply and release the parking brake two additional times as described above.

1.4. Parking brake light should be illuminated after parking brake has been depressed slightly. Refer to Brake Warning in Electrical Diagnosis.

1.5. Apply the parking brake slightly and drive vehicle approximately 50 feet. The multi-function chime module should briefly sound a fast chime to alert driver that the parking brake is on. Refer to Brake Warning in Electrical Diagnosis.

Check parking brake pedal assembly for full release by turning ignition on and inspecting PARKING BRAKE warning light. Light should be off. If PARKING BRAKE warning light is on and parking brake appears to be fully released, pull the pedal back by hand and continue with the adjustment procedure.

Raise the vehicle and suitably support.

Check parking brake levers on rear calipers. Levers should be against the stops on the caliper housing. If levers are not against stops, check for binding in rear brake cables and position levers against stops.

Tighten parking brake cable at adjuster until either the left or right lever begins to move off stop.

Loosen adjuster until lever which moved off of stop in step 5 is again resting on stop. Both levers should be resting on caliper stops after completing this step.

Operate parking brake several times to check adjustment. A firm pedal feel should be obtained by depressing the pedal less than on full stroke.

Inspect left and right caliper levers. Both levers must be resting on stops after adjustment of parking brake.

Check operation of parking brake. If possible, place vehicle on a grade and check parking brake holding ability.

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