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Flutters when driving and in Idle


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1996 STS. Battery drained after leaving parking delay lights on and inside lights on.

After getting a jump, now the car flutters when accelerating and at times when in idle.

The volatge reading in info reads 11.9-12.2 before turning over, to 14.4 when driving, but as low as 12.5. Bad Altenator or weak battery? Before getting the jump, I added water to the battery and poured a little coke on the battery connections. Thats it. Running great before the dead battery incident. Any help is appreciated or suggestions. Thanks.

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I don't think that Coke (or any low pH liquid) is the recommended cleaner for battery terminals (although it mayhave removed some material). Baking Soda paste is typically used to good effect - along with rinsing with clean water.

Was the jump done properly? In that I mean was the negative put on last to a good frame-ground (not vai some electrical component).

You may want to search on ISC "Idle Solenoid Control" I think. It may have to be forced to "re-learn" its proper setting.

And of course the inevitable - Any codes?


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I have seen it occur that when the battery is not fully charged the alternator alone can not provide enough current for the coils, etc. Can you restart the car? Check your battery connections.

Also, disconnect your battery for a couple of minutes and allow the system to do a re-learn, the dead battery may have partially disrupted the computer system and you didnt re-set the computers, Mike

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Replaced battery. Still hestitating when accelerating,

but not as often.

Checked codes, which should have done initially

PZ1555 History

IP1552 History

PC0603 History

RF2560 History

IP2419 Current

Guessing the IP2419 is the problem. :(

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