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She is not acting right.....


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Well.......I spent last week in a far, far land so my baby was left at the airport from Monday until Saturday. On the way home Saturday night, me and a Camaro got into a little "argument". I got on the accelerator and she reacted like normal. Then it seemed like she down shifted as I came off the gas. I got in it again and NOTTA!!! RPM's shot up to about 6k but I went nowhere. This was about 5-6 miles into my ride home and the rest of the 15-20 mile ride was uneventful. She sat all day Sunday. I started her up this morning and let her run in the parking lot for about 5-10 minutes before I left for work. Let me tell ya...what I experienced Saturday night was NOTHING compared to this morning. I experienced the little "thrill" that I got Saturday night all the way to work and then some...service engine light flashing on and off...transmission problem at every acceleration...traction disabled...gauges started flickering at every stop...THEN, about 2 miles from my office, SHE DIED!!!


-I've owned the car for about 10 months. Got rid of all codes except P056 (intermittent/history)

-Switched cars with the wife for a little while. Drove it last week for the first time in about a month and noticed that I also had a history code of P039 (oh, oh)

-I had been noticing a "harmonic hummmmmm" whenever I was in a sharp turn.

I want to say I killed an alternator and that's it...but my luck is TOOOOOOOO BAD for that to be the only problem. I've been crossing my fingers on this transmission thing for a while but now I think it's time for some action.

Okay Pro's, Give it to me skrate, no chaser!!!

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You've read this stuff before...

First, the electrical:

Record the current codes (to post later), then clear all the codes.

Disconnect battery for a while. Be certain to clean the cables etc (safely...).

Reconnect battery, start it up and record all the current codes to post here.

Second, the tranny:

This could be a maybe-thing anyway based on electrical issues.

Check the easy stuff first: fluid levels, burnt smell, dark color. Do not flush/filter, only drain and refill.

Third, the vibration:

The vibration while turning might be a front hub bearing. This is relatively easy to repair if caught early. When grinding into the speed sensor etc - then the bucks ratchet up quickly.

Fourth: Stay tuned for better ideas from others.

Good Luck :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Thanks TDK:

-The only codes were the previously mentioned transmission codes...and they were both history because they came and they went intermittently(?).

-After I died at the light, there was no electrical power left to do anything. Hell, my hazards died after a few minutes!

- Tranny fluid was changed last April. Checked it a few times (don't recall the last) since then and it was fine.

I forgot to mentioned that I also got a "low battery volts" about 4-5 miles before she died. I had her towed to the garage near the job but they did not get a chance to look at it today. I was busy all day and didn't get a chance to go back and "tinker" before I left work.

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Your info sounds a bit better this time around. We'll get out the bamboo splints and battery cables - only if we have to... :P

You might get lucky with only an alt and maybe a battery. ;)

The shop should be able to stress-test each and go from there.

The p056 code is what again? (speed sensor I recal?) If so, this is a non-contact sensor that can come and go. Can not adjust and the fix is costly - only because of how to get to it... <_<

Keep us informed and good luck :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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