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My son was on the road last week and called me about a code he pulled from his truck with a code reader. The code was po148 he informed me it was a generic code and wanted to know what it ment. I got on google and searched for obd po148 I found it was a fuel delivery code, upon further searching it was described as (At least one bank lean at wide open throttle) and possable causes were restricted fuel filter or fuel line. Called him back with the information and he replaced the filter. I had a service engine light just come on the sls so I was curious and decide to look into code readers, after a little research I bought one based on price and features. I ran the onboard diagnostic on the car and got a p1139 plus a generic body code po603 which the code reader will not read (it reads power codes only). Hooked up the reader and also got a p1139 code plus a pending code p0138 the cadillac dic did not show. I did the only logical thing I pushed the erase button and got rid of all the codes light went out easy fix. Did some research and found it was a oxy sensor damaged bank one sensor two. Im checking my mileage and driveability if I find a problem or the same code appears I will replace the sensor. One of the features the reader has is a emisions test that tells you if you are ready to have your car tested. Im pleased with my purchase so far and I feel it will pay for itself quickly. Mike

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