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My battery has been dying lately, so I had my alternator tested at autozone and it tested good. My question is when the alternator is in the car and running on put a meter on the main hot stud and recieve 0.02, which I know it should be a lot higher than that. Now the main connector with 1 wire in it for the voltage regulator on the top of the alternator, I put a meter on that and recieved 7.00 to 9.00, is that correct, should there be voltage on this wire, Should it be higher and lower and what other steps could I take in diganosing why the alternator is not putting out power. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you , Jason

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Aloha Jason,

You could try the information center on the dashboard. On my '92, I push INFORMATION until the alternator voltage shows. Try it with lights and A/C on and then off, see if the voltage changes. You need 12-14 volts. If this is good, try cleaning the battery posts and cables with a wire brush! Clean and bright. I have had Sears say that the alternator was good and sell me a new battery and find out later that the alternator was bad all along.

Good luck Ed

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