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Intermittent Power Loss


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My 95 STS recently developed a problem. It started as just an intermittent whining/whirring normaly just at start-up and then it would go away after a few minutes. A couple of nights ago drving on the highway the car had a severe power loss and the noise came back with it. It seems to occur over 2000 rpm. I drove it slowly to the Cadillac dealer and they couldn't take it until next week. After leaving the dealer the problem disappeared and didn't reappear the whole way home. I started the car this morning and the problem is back. I checked the codes and there are no related codes. Any help or possibilites before I bring it in to the dealer would be greater apprecieated.


p.s. Does anyone know of a good shop to bring the Cadillac into in the West Palm Beach Florida area?

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I brought it into the dealer and they told me that the pump had failed and the best option would be to replace the whole trans for $4-$5K. I took the car to a local AAmco and they said it definetly isn't the pump, it is something internal and it would be about $2k for a rebuild and then whatever for what is broken on the inside. I am also considering replacing the trans myself. Any advice on these or other options would be appreciated.

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