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I have numerous codes and have tried fixing the things the code relate to and still no fix. I have service air bag system, traction disable, antilock brake light is on.service ride control.









Car runs extremely bad, battery goes dead, had alternator tested is fine, all connections on battery and alternator are good. cant check volts while runnign because the service air bag message wont go away. The only code I think I can explain is the antilock brake light because the right hub bearing i think is bad. I can disconnect battery while running and will die. I have come to the conclusion that the pcm is bad and am going to try replacing that. I have an early post pertaining to that. If someone could please reply it would be greatly appreciated because i need this car fixed and i cant seem to figure it out. Its like things happen and break while the car is sitting, it seemed like before the major problems happened and I could drive it I would start it up in the moring and some other error mesage would display. Something else I was gettting a code p036 for the egr valve that had been replaced about a 6months ago before all this had happened and now the code re appears again. I got a code a while ago when the problems first started happing for the camshaft sensor. I replaced sensor and checked connector still code and still symptoms. please help

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