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´95 Eldo engine oscilation - PART 2 ?


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now I have a new problem with my Eldo :(

The engine speeds up and slow down with no change the accelerator pedal position (in a range of about 100 to 150 rpm).

And my old problem is always there (I think I feel a little restless in the car because it is the same if the ac compressor is going on.)

And I don´t have any error codes.

Now, I don´t have clean the EGR valve and the throttle plate and throttle body throat, because I have no time today. Is it these parts `?

Please help me, what is it ?

Thank you very much.


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Now, I have these problem also if the car are standing and I press the accelerator pedal and want the engine run with 2000 rpm (for example) the engine run 1900 to 2100 rpm without any accelerator pedal change postion.


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