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Typing while staring at a STS


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Well Im currently at work and a friend of my Boss has just pulled up in a 2005 STS4.

All black, beauty looking car thats for sure. I was lucky enough to sit in it, but not that lucky to drive it.

Anyways I was sketchy at first because I'm in love with mine soooo much, but like everyone else on this forum they have grown on me. darn you Cadillac!!!

With seeing the 300C and STS in my own eyes, I will say that they 300C still seems like a better car for the money....alot of money. Since I have not driven either car yet I will stick with the STS as my fav!

Hope everyone else is having fun at work or whatever.

This sure did lift my day :D

"Cadillac, it's not a car, it's an obsession"


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