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Just pulled the following..Any real bad news?

PCM U1152 Loss of ACM Serial data communication

Loss of data HCM

RFA U1000 Class 2 Communication Malfunction

How is the car running besides the codes do you have any symptoms?

In my 96 manual 1552 is a Loss of PZM Keep Alive Memory (KAM). This code is probably similar in your year. It may have been set if you changed or disconnected the battery or if you have a bad or corroded battery cable. It is probably nothing serious, unless you have corrosion and in that case you should clean the terminals.

I can't help you with the RFA U1000.. Maybe someone will comment on it. How is the car running? Mike

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Car is running normal. I didn't drive it for 1 week. Took it out today, did a WOT and it ran perfect. One thing though, I had the cruise set on 75 and for no reason it turned off. I pressed resume..nothing. So I turned it off and reset it to 75 mph. No problems in approx. 20 miles of cruising. No stumbles, stalls or any warning lights. Hope this is enough to go on as there are no other symptoms.

I'm heading to Atlantic City tonight (driving girlfriends Explorer) so I'll be offline till tomorow afternoon. Wish me luck!

Thanx Gents, Lou

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