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There are companies that manufacture LED replacements using the OEM sockets. I've heard that they usually are not as bright as the Bulbs though. Even if they were, they wouldn't look anything like the new Devilles. Their taillights, are specifically designed around the the LED's in them. If you put them in the Taillights of your STS, they are not going to make much of a difference. All your going to see is red light, just like with the bulbs.

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Yep, there sure are.

I had the same idea a while ago, inspired by my Dad's DTS.

I splurged, and bought Eight 1157 (dual brightness) LEDs to convert the whole rear end, and front signals, to what I thought would be "LED intensity" lol

They looked good, in that they had that crisp LED on/off flashing, but as danbuc said, they were not nearly as bright, nor did they light up the whole lens with light, as a regualr bulb does. The bulbs I bought had LEDs facing rear-wards, with the intent they WOULD light up the lens via reflection, like a regular bulb, but because LEDs emitt light as a narrow viewing angle, you still do not get that "360 degree illumination", as with a regualr bulb.

I had the LEDs in for the majority of the summer, as I was just to stubourn to remove "my investment", but decided to pop some regular bulbs back in eventually. I also had to disconnect all of the resistors that are needed for an LED, as they draw virtually no current...so you have to simulate it to keep the turn signals operating properly.

I did converet the signals to sequential ones however, which looks really cool. I spent the $60+ on that unit from www.webelectricproducts.com. That was the only part of the project that did not go down the drain!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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