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It occured to me that what drives me nuts about todays cars is how difficult it can sometimes be to diagnose a car problem. Is it this or is it that. I always felt it was easier to know what was wrong with my familes and friends cars just by asking them some questions or driving the car in question . Not so today. I thought it would be cool to hear about some problem that drove you nuts and what it turned out to be, done in a short and quick way. Here's a few of mine for my 96 STS:

Problem: Parasitic drain on battery on comfort fuse.

Solution: Traced it down to the climate control head unit. Replaced it. Fixed.

Problem: Slight left/right pulsating steering wheel, worse at 40 to 50MPH, but also there at very low speeds. (Drove me nuts)

Solution: Turns out the people at the tire shop only balanced my tires with weights on the inside of the rim, not the outside. With weights on the outside, perfect.

Problem: Car cranking long time to start. Would give off exploding sounds sometimes when starting or at low speeds.

Solution: Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Problem: Car would completely loose power after sitting at a light and would allow me to only take off at about 5 to 10 miles per hour, felt like trans was slipping even though it wasn't. Mile of cars honking behind me.

Solution: Replaced that darn fuel pressure regulator for the second time in less than a year. Problem gone.

Problem: Two blocks from home the trouble light came on and the car went from running great to sounding like it was running on 3 cyllinders.

Solution: EGR valve, this one was easy with the codes exact help.

Problem: Irritating air turbulant sound in the car when the moonroof was open while driving.

Solution: Just slightlly closing the roof about one or two inches stops it completely.

Problem: Back window will not open. Stuck in up position. Went dead.

Solution: Held down the power button in the open mode and slammed the door while holding it down. Openned right up. Never did it again. Didn't make the mistake of trying to take the door apart.

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That's a good idea!

Problem: Message appears "Engine overheating", "Stop engine" when engine actually is cold, right after start. No messages after engine gets hot enough (higher then 120F).

Solution: Replaced PCM. Sure, still use old PROM. I know at least two other owners with exact problem. All owners of 94'.

Problem: Message "Service Ride Control" (RF wheel position). Intermitent.

Solution: Didn't solve yet, waiting for wormer weather.

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