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94 Deville in desert, more info


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I am adding more info to 2 previous posts, not sure if this is right. So far: Bought 94 Deville, 4.9L. Had tranny filter and fluid changed (not flushed). Old fluid very thin. Friends drove car for 200 miles, and they heard a 'thunk, thunk' and maybe some clicks on driver side axle, and then no ability to proceed. They coasted to side, put in park and the car still rolled. The car is totally freewheeling. Can hear tranny trying to shift when move indicator. Trans fluid hot, (burnt?) smoke from dip tube. No leakeage. After cooling, car still no go, but notice again that fluid extremely thin and pink, not red. Towed car, (still 200 mi. away) and friend mechanic went with axle to replace. Returned with opinion of NOT axle, but now thinks drive chain. Bbobynski emailed suggesting broken flex plate, drive axle. As far as computer read outs, the water, oil press. & rpm have never been present. Mechanic says no codes at all, not even 'no code'. So, should I drive out there first and try to force some codes (let car run long, run thru gears), remove dust cover and look at flex plate? If drive chain, I might as well buy a rebuilt trans. Driver indicated it did not go into 'fail safe' but heard a 'mechanical sound' and is convinced it is mechanical. I am voting for electronic.

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