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door locks?


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my drivers side door wont unlock unless i manually do it from the inside. any suggestions? its a 93 sts thanks! jason

Replace door lock actuator, common problem.

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thanks! i tried locking and unlocking to no avail, so now how do i take off the plastic piece inside the door and what do i need to look for?

thanks for all the help guys!!


Need to take out old door lock actuator and replace with new one. It is by no means an easy job, but it is doable. The actuator is fairly cheap about $30.00, I ordered off the internet. I had the same exact problem you have, and that solved it. Did it myself in the driveway, took about 2.5 hours.

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I know, I tried locking and unlocking bunches of times but no help! The plastic cover on the door just pries off. Just do it carefully. You may need the actuator as the guys say, but try look inside and see what you see. That is all I did two weeks ago and still the lock works great. You have nothing to loose.


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