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Can we settle this tc0073 issue once and for all


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I dont think that i am being affected by the rear blower bug, because i tried to replicate the problem per the post, and I couldnt get the code to go away at all. All searches of this code reveal no significant info other than its mysterious and we should all just ignore it. Sure thats easy for you, but what about when i sell the car and the traction control light is on with this code and the guy who i would be selling it to says "Hey whats with that?" and I cant say anything except "Oh its a bug in the computer programming of the car....dont worry about it." Come on, I know someone out there has to know how to deal with this problem. Thanks in advance.

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I was refering to a search i did "tc0073" on the old forum, they said that there is an intermittent tc0073 "bug" in certain 96 northstars, and it can be triggered by the rear ac blower behind the armrest. The post said they didnt see the relationship between the problems but its a documented cadillac issue.

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Here's the relevant TSB:


Traction Control Indicator ON, DTC 73 Set

File In Section: 5 - Brakes

Bulletin No.: 63-50-16

Date: May, 1996


Traction Control Indicator "ON", Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) 73 Set (Replace EBTCM)


1996 Cadillac Concours, DeVille, Eldorado Seville Built Prior to VIN Breakpoints:

Model VIN Breakpoint

Concours/DeVille 280478

Eldorado 614516

Seville 826978


Some owners may comment on the Traction Control Indicator coming "ON". Also, Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) 73 may set.


An EBTCM software deficiency may cause a false DTC 73 to set when certain driver initiated actions occur in the normal operation of the vehicle. This may occur if the ignition switch is "parked" between the RUN and

OFF positions or on console blower equipped vehicles if the blower speed control is left in the HIGH position when the ignition is turned OFF.

Important : It is not always possible to create the code or cause the telltale to light.


1. Determine the DTC 73 is not set because of a legitimate malfunction in the vehicle. Perform the diagnostic steps outlined for DTC 73 in Section 5E2 of the 1996 Cadillac Product Service Information Manual.

Also refer to DTC 73 Diagnostic Aids in Section 5E2.

Important : Do not change the EBTCM until you have read through and followed the Service Manual trouble tree and Diagnostic Aid. Changing the EBTCM before following the proper diagnosis could lead to unnecessary time and expense and may not correct the condition.

2. If the diagnostic trouble tree and aid does not correct the condition, check the EBTCM software level using a scan tool or on-board parameters: "TCS Data Parameter TC D07, ECU ID B". If the parameter reads

"4065", replace the EBTCM with P/N 25633191. The new module will have a parameter value of "4205".

Important : Any vehicle built after the above breakpoints will already have the updated EBTCM. The part

number has not changed; however, the software has been upgraded.


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