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N* split case gasket question / main bearings


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Hi guys,

Continuing work on my '97 Deville N* engine and have a question.

While cleaning the case gasket surfaces, I noted that the outside portion of the grove that holds the case gasket has a black rubber-like surface. Some has peeled off, but some parts appear to be a more permanent part of the groove. Has anyone seen this? Is it from the GM gasket maker that was used when the engine was assembled??

Hope this won't be a problem. Maybe some high temp sealer can repair the damaged sections of the black stuff if it's needed to help the case seal work?

FYI - The engine has 130K on it. I checked the main bearing clearances today with plasti-gauge. Believe it or not, the main bearing clearances are still in spec (between 0.0015 and 0.002). I am amazed! See attached pic.

Getting ready to start a thorough check of the valves and valve seals. I was experiencing slight puffing at start-up, but not sure if the valve seals were the cause. Hopefully they will be OK and Timeserts will be the next order of business B)


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