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bobbinski please help

sts man

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hello sir I havent been on the site for about a year, you helped me out alot of times.Well anywayi have a problem i have a 99 sts i notice the coolanit going down and to started to over heat so i change the thromsat still over heating now i have no leaks the engine overs heats with the ac off and the resore cap on with the off it does not but its pour out off the top went to a shop and pressure check on the resore he told me i have might a blow by in the cylinders i have no water oil i have it steams the raddator has pressure i don't want to tryit like there is a little steam coming out of the exhaust can it be my water pump i check the fans seems to be ok i have codes ddm-u301 ddm-u1255 ipc-b1652 ipc-b1983

irc-u1129 irc-u1064 irc-u1065 irc-u1060 irc-u1255 pcm-po340 rim12656 msmb1327 msmb2355 msmb2375 irc-u1016 those are the codes and thank you for your help i don't want to take it to a shop without your reply becuse know seems to know what they are talking about

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