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N* Teardown - last few questions (bbobnyski)


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I went back and checked the rear main on my '97 Deville and I don't see the "inner race" you mentioned in the previous post. The seal lip is riding directly on the shaft. After a closer look, it appears the seal has a slight leak at seal body to block interface near the bottom of the seal. I don't think this is the teflon seal / inner race you described. It seems I should go ahead and replace it. Sound logical??

The main bearings exhibit wear patterns and the 4th bearing has a score mark through the center. It looks like I need to go ahead and pull out the crank and replace the bearings. I'll post another pic of the bearings. I'd like to get some input before I bust out the crank. I don't see any scoring on the crank, but I did note that the secondary cam gear and shaft are worn with some light scoring on both.

I went back and checked the micrometer readings on the cylinder bore. I was reading the thimble numbers wrong. I remeasured and and guess what? Readings are right on the original bore diameters. I also looked at the piston skirts when they were at BDC. You were right again....the original machining marks are still present.


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Thanks again!

To clarify, the secondary cam gear is not worn, but there are score marks on the internal bearing and the secondary shaft. The gear has up/down movement on the shaft. I need to mic these to see how they really look. I'll send a pic this evening.

I've zip-tied the chains on the cam gears (on the head) to keep the roller / gear relationship the same so a new wear pattern is not started (might seem a bit anal, but I'd kick myself if it gave problems after reassembly). These look fine.

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