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Hello from Poland!
First: forgive me my mistakes in English. My name is Radek and I am – as all of You guys – great fan of American cars. Personally I drive 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan – which I love very much. Last year my best friend bought 2002 Cadillac STS (Seville) – (he bought it in Switzerland). The car is made for European market – so headlights are asymmetric, spedometer is in km/h and etc… Caddy runs great but considering age it got some malfuncions. First of all: From the very beginning there was a error message “suspension sys” and “speed limit 145 km/h”. Now – after reading some posts – I know it is caused by rear shocks without air ride control. Right after purchase my friend decided to change rear shocks because back of the car was jumping up and down as a rubber ball. Because it is a bit irritating to have Caddy and sped limit 145 km/h (about 90 miles/hour) I have made some research in internet. So I found that 3 W bulb or 4,7 kOhm resistors should do the work. But unfortunatelly it didn’t! At the beginning I put two bulbs at the rear – it didn’t work – so I disconnect plugs from front shocks and put resistors – still nothing. But what is interesiting codes RSS C0579 C DTC C0579 Left Front Solenoid Circuit Open, RSS C0589 C DTC C0589 Left Rear Solenoid Circuit Open and RSS C0594 C DTC C0594 Right Rear Solenoid Circuit Open -Went to "History" and code DTC C0691 Damper Control Relay Circuit Range occured. Again did some research and found relays attached to the right side of the passanger seat crossmember (trunk side). There are four relays 3 black five pin and 1 grey one pin. Is it a good path should I check them or bypass?

So, I would appriciate any help and suggestions.


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Install the resistors in all 4 shock connectors and see if there is any change. I'm not sure if you installed the resistors or a combination of resistors and bulbs from your post. But I think you may have created the C0691

But -the damper control relay is located within the Electronic Suspension Control (ESC) module. Although the module will set DTC C0690, C0691 or C0693, each one represents a failure of the damper control relay within the ESC module which requires replacement of the ESC module.


I'm not sure if this created more questions than answers, but I hope it helps.



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Hi, thank You for answer - yes, I have installed four resisitors 4,7 kOhm each on all shocks. I got 0691 code after resistors were installed! So, if I understood Your post correctly - there is no way to change this relay and get susp. system work properly?


today I have found The Susp. Control Module - it has part number:25720987 and it is located behind plastic plate on right part of crossmember of passanger rear seat. I disconnected it and open metal cover. What is inside: electronic board with couple of transistors, microchips and one white relay. After connecting again I checked codes once again - wow - code C0691 marked as "History"! I have cleared the codes and checked again - this time C0691 was marked as "Current"... Any ideas guys?


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