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More thoughts about air intake mods


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Here's one that I read about: I read about removing the big ol' hollow box on the top of the rubber air intake hose. Because of the other things done that knocked "1 second" (yeah!) off the 1/4 time, it's impossible to guage the validity of removing the empty box. My best guess is that this is a noise absorbing chamber. Another best guess is that this part has nothing to do with affecting performance; after all, the air pressure is ambient in the box and hose. Therefore, it would seem that the engine cannot sense the open chamber, meaning that removing it won't do a thing except increase noise level.

The way I can make my own determination would be to remove the box, scrounge up some cultch that will fit, plug the hole wih it, and take the car for a spin. Does removing this thing increase performance? If it does, the way you "remove it" is to make a plate to cover the opening, and reinstall it. That way, when someone looks under the hood, it says bone-yard stock.

Lets hear your comments.

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