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Got a chance to head down to the DC Auto Show yesterday afternoon. First year that it has been held in the new convention center and boy is that thing a monster. Spent most of my time in the Cadillac section(go figure) and was delighted to see that they finally sent the Sixteen here!

That car is really impressive - much better in person than in the magazines. As for the rest of the line up Cadillac sent all of their SUV's, a new STS, a gorgeous red XLR (had a lot of fun playing with all of the gadgets), a CTS-V, two SRX's, a DTS and a base Deville.

Another impressive sight that was not included last year was the stand alone NS engine with part of it cut away so you could see the inner workings. Provided a great perspective on how it all goes together.

Well, nuff said - here are a few pics. Enjoy.




1999 Deville Concours [sOLD]

Blk/Blk w/gold package

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