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95 Eldo half shaft hum/vibration

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I am getting a hum/vibration from what I am thinking is one of my halfshafts.

I know I hace seen it mentioned somewhere here as to wich side it is in conjunction with wich way the wheel is turned.

Getting the noise when turning the wheel left or lessens when going straight, noticibly allmost gone on right turns.

We are talking highway speeds and turns are changing lanes.

It is there when going straight but not as bad.


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Most times a half shaft will go bad after the boot has leaked the grease out. First thing would be to look at those boots for evidence of tears and/or grease slung out. If it has been leaking long enough the grease may not look like wet soft grease, but could have dirt build up in it and look more like undercoating. If neither has those symptoms I would suspect a wheel bearing. If you turn left, the weight of the car goes to the right side, and that is the bearing you will hear become louder.

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Have had this issue before , it was the halfshaft , with no apperent grease leak or cracked boot.

Cheapo halfshafts I think. I have replaced both hubs/bearing assemblies recently , along with the halfshafts,and a slew of other parts, within I would say less than 10,000 miles ago.

I will pull it apart and check the hub/bearing first , hate replacing the halfshaft again, then another wheel alignment is needed - arghhhhhh. Either or -

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Well it was the passengers side hub/bearing. I put a cheap one in from an online parts place at like $75 , I don't think it lasted a year.

Replaced it with a Moog with lifetime warrenty. Save yourself trouble , and go with the better quality one. Thought the same cheaper one on the drivers side has had no issues.

Had bought a half shaft also , but thought what the heck will just change the hub without pulling the strut apart etc. to change the half shaft , got lucky it was that,so now I don't have to pay for yet another alingment.

Of course the hub came out easy because it has been less than a year since it was installed.

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FYI you can change that half shaft without toughing the strut. If you remove the stabilizer ends, take the lower ball joint out of its spindle, (I use a tie rod fork to pull the control arm down) and turn the wheel fully one direction you can get it out. No alignment needed. :paint2:

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