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Irritating driver side low speed noise

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Hello and good day,
I've been having this pop corn or loose type noise coming from my front 05 deville for a few months now and I think I have pin pointed to the struts. I replaced the tie rod ends, bar links, control arm L/R, driver side CV Axle because of leaking grease. I forgot to mention the new rack installed along with the front and rear motor mounts.The vehicle had an alignment 2 weeks ago, but the only thing that has changed is the date. The only thing left within the system is the struts and drivers side motor mount. I've been hearing a funny noise that sounds if it's coming from the drivers side front but also that sound travels. I don't hear this sound all the time but enough to indicate something is wrong. My last level on my end is the front struts, which has never been changed. I thought I would hear a strut as I back out of my driveway because at the end is a small drop (1 inch). Any input would help, but I tend to think struts.


Replaced struts on both sides as well as new bushings that were attached. Torqued down to specs, and yes the noise is still there. It's not as strong but still persist. I did notice that my new tie rod ends on both sides had grease coming out of the boot as if the boot was tore. (Thinking) maybe the hole that the tie rod end mounts into could be bored out and letting the tie rod end move around when driving?Remember only at low speeds under 35 mph going straight, never heard over a speed bump but I do hear it when I hit imperfections in the road. Sometimes I can feel it in my floor board and lightly i the steering wheel. New control arms L/R, front and rear motor mount, sway bar link and bushings, rack & pinion, cv axle L/S, hub L/S, Balance and a four wheel alignment. If it was the steering shaft I would have problems when turning but that feels fine too. (Stuck at this point) and welcoming any help or suggestions. :bump:

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