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95 Eldo & Seville - shift selnoids

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So - somehow I have missed something and am stumped or maybe just lacking in confidence suddenly.

I thought by dropping the pan I could simply pull out the selenoids and pop new ones in -

The old one was halfway seperated between the plastic and metal parts - the new one looked like it would just pop in and the o-ring held it in place.

Pryed on the old one and the plastic broke apart/dissintigrated , leaving the o-ring section in the hole -

I now see a clip of some sort - looks like I have to drop the next section of the plate down to acess ??????

Can't find any reference to this in my trans. manual or on here so far -

help - lol

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found the info in a very old post while searching the net - back out to the garage i go !

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I have to say - I can see no reason why they did not make the solenoid clips acessable from below with out pulling the accumulator etc. plate down and having to split it apart -

Finished my Seville , in the process of finishing up the Eldorado now. Not sure if it fixed the Seville yet. good thing is it went in reverse and off the ramps, and back in drive to move it to get The Eldorado inside.

The Seville isn't plated or inspected right now, and has a bad brake line, but used it as a test subject bieng it had the same codes - shift solenoid that the Eldorado had.....

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