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Good afternoon to all,

Found a 2005 STS for sale with low mileage. All I know about this one is 6 cylinder, with sun roof and heated seats. I think that could probably be any STS, No? I currently own a 2004 Deville and 1999 STS. I normally bide my time to find a low mileage car, at a fair price. I have not been looking for a while, so I am kind of out of the loop on the STS's. I am pretty sure 2005 was the first year for this body style. Of course the add says all the bells and whistles, but I have seen that many times, only to find it is not really the case. Can you please direct me to the listings of option codes. I remember there being a 1A through 1G(?) set of codes. Where might I find reliability ratings that really matter. I have shied away from first run cars in the past, because it usually takes a few years to work out the most prevalent bugs.

Thanks for you comments in advance,

Ohio Jim

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