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95 Eldo ETC required pressure in rear shocks

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Hello once again - and hey a Happy Holidays to all !

I recently replaced my stock air ride shocks with the replacements offered by Arnott - pretty much same as the Monroes that are commonly used.

Does anyone know what the pressure should be in them normally ?

I thought it said a minimum of 20 somewhere for the Arnotts, and then thought I read like 5 - 7 normal through the compressor.

I am having intermitent problems with the compressor, and it's winter here in Upstate NY with no garage space - so I would just like to set them up to fill manually and keep an eye on them.

I have the kit with the manual fill set up available.


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I have the exact same car - and I did the exact same rear shock replacement....My factory full service manual says " the MINIMUM air pressure is 7 to 14 psi is maintained by the compressor (actually the air drier valve which is part of the unit) for the MINIMUM load" As your load increases, the compressor increases the pressure, it does so by using inputs from the leveling sensors. It doesn't list a maximum pressure...

I changed the entire compressor unit, it's not as bad as it looks. Remove air lines, electric plug, and 3 - 8mm headed bolts (I think) that connect the unit tray to the frame and the compressor/tray comes out as a unit.

Did you have any problems getting the shocks off? I had to cut mine off....

What did you do with the old shocks you took off?

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Thanks. The rear ones came off pretty decent. The front struts I had to cut open and put a large vice grip on the shaft to get the top nut off of both of them.I have a post and a pic on here somewhere.

I got a new airline set-up and am just going to do it the manual way for now. I can later cut them back and tie them into a new compressor.

The problem is a splice in the line wich now that it is below freezing and the plastic constricting and hard , it blows apart , or snow and ice knock it apart.

I tossed the old shocks. I wished I had removed the sensors off the struts , didn't know you could and then saw a post and pics on someone that did....

it might of been easier to bag em and tie them up, than mess with the resistors and soldering etc.

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I saved my old rear ones, and have actually discovered that you can rebuild these rear shocks - IF the shock body is not rotted through..They are not actually sensors - they are solenoid actuated valves controlled by the sensors that input the module in the trunk. The front and back solenoids are exactly the same. 12 volt on and off is all they are...

I'm from Northeast PA, it doesn't get as cold here as it gets in Albany, but I know what ya mean...

When you go to connect the air lines into the compressor and shocks - you should make a flair on the end of the plastic line.

I installed the little o-ring first, pushed it back on the line aways, then flaired the line end with a heat gun by applying heat ot the cut end...Practice it with some extra line and you will see what I mean...It works pretty easy once you do it a few times..

Maybe getting a tiny sized vaccume line coupling and using a heat gun to soften the air line may work for your situation now..

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