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'97 Deville N* engine pull


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I've pulled off an array of items to get ready to pull a N* 4.9L from my '97 Deville (130K miles - head gasket blown).

I've looked at the past posts (very helpful), but have a question on whether it's possible to pull the motor and leave the tranny in the car.

I saw pictures on a past post ('94 STS - I think), but I'm not sure if this can be done on a '97 Deville. There's about 2-1/2 inches clearance on the passenger side of the engine, but I'm not sure if this is enough to clear the transmission / engine shaft so the engine can be tilted out.

One issue is the big fat wiring harness that appears will be a real pain in removing from the top of the tranny if I have to pull the whole assembly.

Car is on jack stands - I can work underneath - sort of.... I plan to drain the tranny and replace / clean the filters while the engine is out.

Any advice from someone who's done this type of work would be greatly appreciated.

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I could swear that I already saw this post and replied to it. It is way easier to pull the whole thing out together and seperate the motor from the tranny outside of the vehicle.

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I will come out the top without removing the trans. There are a number of us who have done it that way. Next time I'll try it out the bottom although I don't have much overhead room in my garage.

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