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replacement airline to rear shocks.

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Ahhh once again a question.

I purchased the set of Arnott rep[lacement shocks for the rear of m 95 ElDorado ETC - first complaint - but probably not justified. They came with no new bushings for the top or new nuts for the top.

After 20 years you know the top nut does not come off easy at all . Let alone trying to get atight fit of an allen wrench in the center of the shaft to hold it from spinning. ( I will post a pic later of some surgery I had to perform). I would of just cut the nut off if they had included a new one, and I had nothing to fit it on hand.

PROBLEM - is one of the connections of the airline to the shock would not come out at all. Finally got it out but it ruined the line wich was so darn short and tight to start with.

Any ideas on where to get a replacement set-up . there is not even enough slack to trim it and try to get it back in. I did save the o rings , but should get new also.

Thanks -post-23920-0-49669900-1407113708_thumb.j

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I may have answered my own question - I found a airline set-up from Monroe part# [ AK29 ] . It was a good Monroe number at my local parts store and they even had it in stock ! , and looks to be the exact set-up for my ElDorado.

It has the 90* fittings that the line goes through and snaps over the nipple on the shock, with a new clip included. I have not installed it yet , so not sure on where it terminates at the compressor.....and it was less than $15.

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Sorry - I had not seen your question.

The Arnotts seem to be doing well - the new airline kit from Monroe was a percfect fit up.

At first I had used the old style " T " and filled it manually , wich didn't ride so well, so I redid the lines at the compressor , and tied the new set from Monroe in

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I had to replace the compressor, and seeing how much line is in those kits, I just replaced the old lines too. One thing I had to do is use a heat gun to make a 'bubble flare' on the air lines - where they connect to the compressor - to retain the super tiny o-rings.

I changed every suspension part on the rear and haven't had a chance to get it to the alignment shop so thanks for the reply.

Those shock nuts (for me) were impossible to get off, and I had to cut them off. Thank God there is a Fastenall store close by, I bought 2 new nuts. If anyone reads this - the nut size on the Arnott AS-2163 shocks are M16 x 2.....

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