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I recently purchased the 1994 Concours and have had extensive work done on the engine (corrected an oil leak and replaced the crankshaft seal) and replaced the transmission. I had this service done by an independent shop that I have a lot of faith in and respect there opinion. Since then, the engine can run very rough, like it is misfiring and other times run smooth with no bucking. I have been back for the correction of the problem, but all of their talents were unable to correct the problem. The owner suggested that I take it to the Cadillac dealer in hopes that they would be able to isolate the problem. The dealer cleared all of the codes, then changed the spark plugs and finally claimed that it solved the problem (they also charged a healthy fee). Several PCM Codes; P023, P025 & P083 have returned. I have been reading with interest the comments regarding the crankshaft position sensor. If that sets P083 would that in turn cause the P023 and/or P025? I am not very trusting of the Cadillac dealer and would rather have my independent shop do the work. Just yesterday I took the car on a 536 mile round trip and all systems performed fine except for one jerky stop at a rest area. The car how has 93,500+ miles and otherwise seems perfect. Any information will be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

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