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'97 DeVille Head Gaskets


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Need some input with anyone experienced on the Northstar engine.

I'm pulling the heads to replace a blown gasket. When I removed the intake manifold I noticed oil pooling in the small engine casting pockets next to the #2 and #8 intake ports in the gasket sealing area .

The car has puffed a little at start-up for a few years (before head gasket leak) and was using about a quart of oil every 1500 miles - had a leak at front valve cover - tightened and reduced the loss, but car still puffs at start-up.

The question is where the oil could be leaking to allow it to puddle at these two locations. No oil in the valley - nice and dry. PCV valve seems OK (rattles when you shake it). Could this be from valve intake seals???

Any info appreciated. Pulling the heads today and would like to get an idea of how to resolve this before I start putting things back together.

First time doing major work on a N*. Surprising how easy they come apart compared to older engine designs :) .

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If you are talking about the oily residue that is found IN the intake manifold, that is usually described as the heavy parts of the fuel/oil vapor that will slightly accumulate in this type of intake manifold.

As the air charge and oil vapor from the PCV rush in they must make a sharp turn up, that is when heavy parts are thrown off. It usually only accumulates a couple of tablespoons or so and is considered harmless.


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I could understand this if it also happened on the other side of the engine, but it's only on the intake side of the #2 and #8 cylinders.

Any other ideas?

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