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Gas Cap/Trunk Release

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New Cadillac SLS owner-had it about 2 weeks. Gas cap/trunk release was working fine from both key fobs and buttons under the dash. I got the car checked out Friday trying to get tags-and mechanic said all was well because he had to check the gas cap for the inspection. I go to pop the trunk when I pick it up-nothing. So I use the key. Get to the gas station-gas cap shot too, both not working from fob or buttons inside car. Checked forums, and I see valet switch inside glove box. Rush outside to see-and it was off. Cycled it a few times with car off/key on/running and not running-nothing. Checked the fuse under the seat-it was good but I replaced it anyway. Called mechanic to say what the heck-working when I leave it, not when I pick it up. He says he didn't even look in the truck-but he did check and replace the fuse for the OBII port, because his code reader wasn't getting information from the plug. I didn't see a relay that would cover both things. Any ideas?

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