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Possible SRX computer modification

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The following question was implied in a post by SRXY here last November, but did not receive any reply. I'm hoping some of you guys with advanced technical expertise can advise on the best way to procede in solving this problem.

My 2004 SRX (V8) is now high mileage (just passed 130K) and all systems are perfect - except for one: the gears in the transfer case that make the switch from two to all wheel drive, when the need to do so is determined by the computer, have begun to slip and pop - which is basically every time any extra torque is desired, particularly upon moving from a stop. The cost of repair/rebuild to correct the problem is apparently much greater than the current value of the car would warrant. It is also my understanding that beyond the limited moments of slip and pop, the drive operations of the car are otherwise safe and unaffected. So I wonder, how difficult would it be to alter the computer module to bypass the command which intermittently engages all four wheels?

Thanks in advance for your comments and helpful suggestions.

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