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93 Deville coolant leak

93 Sedan

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Always appreciate the expert advice...93 Deville with 107K.

Recently had water pump replaced y a caddy mechanic, it was noisy and I figured the leak was due to in part because of a tired gasket. Leak is still present.

When I get shop light and look at top of engine, in the rear pax side on engine is a little coolant puddling in a crevice (in towards engine and inside of water pump connection to engine). Car does not show symptoms of a head gasket problem (coolant bubbling in overflow tank), however, based on the puddling location, it looks like it may be from the head gasket area (just guessing since I'm trying to follow the fluid path). Leak is not due to any contraction of clamps caused by cold weather).

Questions are...could the head gasket be a problem w/out obvious symptoms? What else could it be?

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