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Northstar for aircraft use


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A while back I read about a project aircraft with N engine, Northstar Project I think it was called. Anybody knows what has become of that? I think Bobinski mentioned something about it too..

Anyway, I'm planning to use an auto conversion engne in my RV7 to be. Right now I'm in love with the Northstar and I know and trust this engine.

But I also know that there are other Aluminum engines out there, like the LT/LS engines which I don't know much about.

My problem is that 4valves/cyl and 4 cams are hard to justify in an aero app which only operates in a very narrow RPM band, a pushrod engine would probably save a few pounds.

The amount of headaches to go from the recyclers to swinging a prop is about the same with any engine.

Opinions? (shoot here!!)

MC Crashlander

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