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Not PCM, but ABS pump wire harness connector


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Thanks to all that tried to help when I thought it was the PCM causing the 2nd gear starts, disabling the Traction Control and the ABS.

I really believe that I found the problem !!!???

The wiring harness that plugs into the ABS pump unit is all corroded and actually burned up on the back side.

I could use some advice about how to replace the harness, looks like one heck of a job. I also think that I may have to replace the unit also, as about a dozen connectors came out of the main body with the connector.

Thanks in advance for the fantastic help that this board provides,


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If your talking about the EBTCM, you'll find a better price online like at gmpartsdirect.com or gmotors.com. There are also alot of other places. Shop around. I can't remember for sure, but I think it's around 300.00. As far as the harness goes, That looks like a tough job.


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