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Service Airbag & Electrical Problems

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I have been having numerous problems with my 2000 seville sls. It started with multiple loss of communications codes to every module. After researching the issue I found that the ignition switch could have been at fault. I replaced the ignition switch now I'm left with the following codes:

PCM 1066 - loss of communications with PCM

SDM 1016 - loss of communications with RIM

the problem im having is when the car is running the instrument cluster shows no data(MPG,Temp,Gas Gauge, etc) also the radio, power locks, power windows, and the A/C stops working. The ABS light, battery light, and airbag light stay illuminated. The car will randomly operate normal after driving for a while then it will go back to malfunctioning. once the car has been cut off and the key is turned in the ON position everything operates normal.

I have been trying to find a solution through old posts and it all seems to point to a faulty SDM, possibly a loose connection or a faulty RIM. I have replaced every fuse that is related to the PCM, IGN, and airbags. I desperately need help with this issue. any input would be appreciated.

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