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Bought a preenenjoyed dhs a few months ago with 135000kms - it looked like it was well looked after - but has been problematic. So far, I've replaced a broken window regulator, bad starter, intake/TB seals, and the latest issue was the service stability warning with the TC and ABS light. I have it w/my mechanic who found a ceased wheel bearing on the front of the car - however when they replaced it, it shut of the service stabillity and TC light, but the ABS light remains on. They replaced the wheel bearing again in the chance it might of been defective but the ABS light still stays on. They've looked at all of the ABS wires and no luck -they are gonna investigate the wiring harness to the PCM next....Anyone familiar with obscure ABS triggers on the 01 Deville DHS???? Lots of computer issues with these cars????

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Either you or your "mechanic" would do well to start speaking in terms of Diagnostic Trouble Codes. The symptoms tell us nothing without the 'codes'. Codes are in a 5 character format; one letter followed by four numbers (C1001, for example).

Here is how to display the codes on your vehicle; Tell us the "C" codes that are set.



Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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