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04 Escalade ESV CD Changer

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Hello, I am trying to figure out why cd changer will not do anything (load/unload). All I have is button 1 and 2 lit green. If I try to push button 2 (turns orange color) and eject, I get nothing. Same with button 1. I was going to pull fuse for it but I would assume it to be an acc. fuse with other things on it. Any know how I can get it out? I doubt it would run battery down, only drive it once or twice a week but still would like to get it working.


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NC - That happened to me on my 2006 Denali, I ould bet it's the same unit. If you try to stick a CD in with a 'label' (like one you would make at home) or if you already had one in and somehow stacked another on top of it, the system will be unresponsive as yours i. If the 1st & 2nd position show green and you have nothing in there then they may be stuck - while your not suppose to be able to load a disc right on top of another I have done it and then the whoe thing just acts useless. Do you have a disc in 1 and/or 2? Did any of the disc have a stick on label?> What happens when you try to play disc 1 or disc 2 will it play?

Taking that unit out is not much work, and opening it up o 'unstick' is easy it's just a very delicate proceedure, I might be inclined to see if anythign else works or if you can ra if you dont have any disc loaded (did you try to load a disc in the 3,4 or 5 slots? Have you tried a 'full eject' squence (leting the system empty outone by one? I think I would try some other things befoe pull that changer out though. The owners manual has the how to 'empty the changer unit so it pushes them all out 1 at a time. Keep me updated and Ill try to work this outwith you the best I can.



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