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size of woofer 2006 sts

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need the size of woofer on 2006 sts ,can I replace it with a better one which one if anybody has replaced it with?

I have the woofer from my 2006 STS If you are looking to replace it to try to get a better bump or sound, you need to install a amp and sub box..

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There are definitely better aftermarket subs. What you need to look for, though, is " dual coil " since the factory sub recieved both left and right signal from the head. This is not the best way to do a sub, but it's what you got. Sorry I can't tell you what the size is, had one but gave it away. I sincerely think it was a 10" though. An 8" is pretty small and a 12" seems to large for the rear deck, I think I would have remembered either of those sizes. You could get a rough idea by measuring the grill or taking a peek inside the trunk to see if you can drop it to measure.

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